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About Providence Home

At Providence Home, we let every resident feel welcome by providing them with a warm, home-like environment. It is important for us to let our residents know how much they matter to us. Hence, we care for them like they are members of our family. Every day, our team makes sure that each resident receives the support and assistance they need to live a quality life.

What Is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)?

Six-bed residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs) are vital aspects of the state and nation’s healthcare system. They offer an alternative to seniors and disabled adults who can still take care of themselves but require some help and supervision. RCFEs were born out of a need of seniors and the families of disabled adults for a more homey setting. They are located in residential communities and serve up to 6 patients.

More than 70 percent of RCFEs are minority-owned and women-owned. Six-bed facilities employ over 225,000 caregivers in California, a number of which are minorities. Without these facilities, elderly and disabled individuals in California would have to either continue living on their own—where their safety may be compromised—or stay at large-scale facilities, which are more expensive and institutional.

Compared to larger facilities, these homes offer a much better staff-to-patient ratio. A considerable number of residents are on Social Security and pick a small, six-bed facility since it is more affordable than large-scale facilities and feels more home-like.

In California, there are more than 6,400 six-bed RCFEs that offer care to tens of thousands of seniors across the state. RCFEs enable seniors to stay in a comfortable environment with supervision—without compromising the feeling of living in a home-like setting. With the low caregiver-to-patient ratio, caregivers can recognize and address health concerns faster. The hospital re-admission rate for six-bed facilities, for instance, is 1:10—far lower than that of larger facilities.

Ultimately, six-bed facilities offer seniors in California the opportunity to stay comfortable and independent with suitable assistance.

Providence Home is part of Home Health Resource Group (HHRG).

We are a growing network of quality Health Care services and Program providers. Based in Burlingame, California, HHRG operates and manages a group of Medicare-Certified Home Health, Hospice and Home Care Agencies serving patients and families all over California.

Our experience and committed team of Health Care Professionals offer full-spectrum patient management to ensure optimal transitions of care to the home.

We share your devotion, patients must always be at the center of the healthcare; and Patient-centered healthcare culture is not just “nice to have”, it’s a need to have. We are here to help. Connect with us.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help in developing an environment where your loved ones’ respect, integrity, and freedom are promoted. We are a company that is dedicated to supporting every individual under our care.

Our Values

  • Integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior
  • Dedication to the empowerment of others and personal responsiveness
  • Professional excellence and high performance
  • Mutual respect, individual dignity, and diversity
  • Teamwork and team member participation and contribution
  • Growth, development, and leadership